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Home Remodeling FAQ

If you’re considering a home remodeling project, reading through a home remodeling FAQ will give you more insight into how the process works. With all the options available; including different tastes, finishes, etc. With styles ranging from traditional to the modern farmhouse, mid-center modern, contemporary, etc., the help of a professional design-build company is a must to guide you on every step of the remodeling process.

How Long Will My Home Remodeling Project Take?

At Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company, we offer a range of home remodeling projects to add functionality and style to the different areas in your home; whether is the essentials such as kitchen and bathroom, as well as entertaining areas such as family room, patios, etc. The duration of the project will vary depending on the area/s, scope of work, as well as finishes. Projects vary from 1-12 months.

From start to finish, you can expect complete transparency from our team. If you’re interested in a specific service and are concerned about how long it may take, feel free to contact our team for more details.

Why Should I Design or Remodel My Bathroom?

Our team offers a range of bathroom remodeling services to help you create your dream bathroom. Redesigning your bathroom can transform the look of your home, by adding functionality and optimizing space while using the latest trends in finishes and styles.

Whether your bathroom is outdated, or you’d like to have a more efficient bathroom, remodeling your bathroom space can be incredibly beneficial. You can choose plumbing fixtures to add style and comfort and to bring the luxury hotel/resort feel to your own home.

If you’re unsure about how you want to proceed with your bathroom design, our design team will work with you to understand what you need and provide remodeling solutions that’ll leave your home feeling brand new.

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What Can I Do to Plan for a Kitchen Remodel?

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen, a good place to start is to look for interior design inspirations to help you understand what you want or don’t want. Even if you’re not sure about what your dream kitchen looks like, it’s a good idea to narrow it down by browsing for ideas and inspiration. Once you have some remodeling ideas, you’ll be able to discuss your vision with our team and move on to the material selection and design phase.

Before our team begins working, you will have to clear the area of any belongings so our team can get started on the project when they arrive.

What is the difference between an estimate and a design agreement?

The estimate is a high-level range of cost, to give you a general idea for budget purposes before we engage in the design and planning process.

We get it. You don’t want to just sign on the dotted line without knowing what you’re getting yourself into! That’s why we get a design agreement that includes the scope of work and all materials to then provide you with a firm price that will cover everything stated in the design with the exception of unforeseen repairs.


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The bathroom remodeling experts from Nielsen’s Remodeling have years of professional experience making cosmetic and functional upgrades to all kinds of bathrooms. Call our five-star customer hotline today, and get the best help available on your next remodeling project by dialing (214) 400-4585 and requesting a free consultation.

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