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Bathroom Remodeling in Plano

If you want a trusted contractor to help you accomplish your bathroom remodeling goals in Plano, you have found the right company. Our professional project planners, interior designers, and plumbers at Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company help hundreds of homeowners create the space of their dreams with innovative bathroom remodeling ideas and cost-saving renovations.

If you ever dreamed of transforming your bathroom, or you’re stuck after realizing you’re in over your head in the middle of a remodeling project, give us a call. We will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Class-Leading Bathroom Renovation Services From Experienced Professionals

Whether you wish for an aesthetic change to your bathroom or some quality-of-life upgrades to bring it into the current century, we’ll help you plan and execute your next project.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Shower System and Enjoy Modern Features

Showers have been around since the Age of Antiquity. Some of our clients find themselves surprised to learn that their shower fixtures still belong there.

If your shower system has unstable water pressure, mold under the tiles, or poor drainage, we can help you fix it while transforming your bathroom into a more efficient and modern space.

If you want to add some features, like built-in shower benches, multiple sprays, recessed niches, and decorative grab bars, we can also help you accomplish that. We can install custom steamers, multidirectional body spray nozzles, heated floors, led lights, and all kinds of high-end features to make your bathing experience a rewarding one.

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Transform Your Bathroom Into a More Efficient Space

We work with many clients who ask us for bathroom remodeling because they feel their bathrooms have become too cramped. As your family grows, they will need more counter space, shelves, and hampers for storage.

We can transform your small bathroom into a more efficient space with shower conversions, space-saving racks and consoles, and roomier counters with well-appointed partitions. We can install subway tile backsplashes to protect your walls from stains and blemishes due to human activity.

See Your Bathroom in a New Light

Proper lighting is essential to a beautiful bathroom. Our remodelers can install pop-tops with bottom-up blinds for daylighting, vanity lights for your bathroom mirror, LED recessed lights, LED accent lights, and LED feature lights with motion detectors for automation.

Why Should I invest in Bathroom Remodeling?

According to Statista, bathroom renovations are the most popular home improvement project in the early 2020s, with over 33% of homeowners renovating their guest powder rooms and master bathrooms.

Bathroom remodeling is always worth the investment because it:

  • Helps you bring the spa feel and looks to your own private space
  • Improves safety for everyone in the house
  • Detects hidden issues with plumbing systems and electrical fixtures
  • Upgrades the power and water efficiency of showers, toilets, and tubs
  • Increases storage space
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The bathroom remodeling experts from Nielsen’s Remodeling have years of professional experience making cosmetic and functional upgrades to all kinds of bathrooms. Call our five-star customer hotline today, and get the best help available on your next remodeling project by dialing (214) 400-4585 and requesting a consultation.

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