Not all houses have the space to provide an en suite bathroom for every bedroom. However, a simple compromise can bring the benefits of an en suite into your home, even when you share a bathroom. This is called a Jack and Jill bathroom.

What Is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Jack and Jill bathrooms refer to bathrooms that are shared by two adjoining rooms and have an individual entrance from each bedroom. These are commonly used in family bedrooms, but they can be useful as a shared bathroom between a bedroom and a guest room. Some Jack and Jill bathrooms have duplicate fixtures while others have one or more additional entrances.

What Are the Downsides of a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

There are a few household challenges with Jack and Jill bathroom layouts. Because these bathrooms are often shared among kids or teens, it is easy for people to get in one another’s way. The additional door may even make this problem worse as people freely come and go.

The second door also creates unique challenges. In general, a bathroom user locks one door for privacy when they are inside. However, they may forget to unlock it, creating a problem for the other individual who shares the bathroom. Yet without locks, users may accidentally — or intentionally, in the case of kids — interrupt each other.

You should also consider how much space you have to work with. Many Jack and Jill bathrooms have multiple fixtures, including sinks, showers, or toilets. This is great for convenience, but requires more space. Even without duplicates, any shared bathroom needs more space to allow multiple users at the same time.

How Can You Reduce Conflict With This Layout?

How can you overcome these negative aspects? One effective way is to create zones within the bathroom and add interior doors to separate certain functions. For instance, include a toilet room or a shower room. This way, one person can use the sink or grooming station while another uses the facilities or shower.

If you have the space, consider creating two smaller half-baths with a shared middle zone. In this layout, each door enters into a room dedicated for one party’s use. A second door leads to a shared toilet, shower, or bath area. Both users can personalize their side as they wish, with only one small area shared. This layout works great for couples who want to turn a master bathroom into a Jack and Jill style.

You can also add more fixtures to make the space functional, such as a double or single vanity and an additional grooming area. You can add dedicated storage for each party, or you can include a separate grooming station to allow people to have their own work zones while sharing the space.

Ready to Learn More?

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