Tub to Shower Conversion in Plano, TX

If you want a home improvement project that can increase your property values while giving you more bathroom real estate, a tub to shower conversion with a high-quality glass door is right up your alley. At Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company, converting an existing tub to a freestanding shower remains one of our most in-demand bathroom remodeling services. As a result, we continue to proudly help hundreds of Plano residents create the bathroom of their dreams.

If you want to turn any bathtub into a shower, contact our tub to shower conversion experts by calling our five-star customer service team today. We’ll give you a free consultation and let you pick from a broad range of shower setups, from Parisian- and Scandinavian to many other designs.

How Do Professional Remodelers Perform Tub to Shower Conversions?

Tub to shower conversions makes a popular option among homeowners who want to save space by using the square footage their bathtub occupies for something better. Showers also conserve more water and energy than bathtubs, and homeowners can use them to clean their kids and pets faster.

We offer two kinds of showers available for conversion:

  • Curbed showers feature pans that create a total enclosure, which you must step over to enter.
  • Curbless showers have pans that lie flush with your bathroom floor, featuring no enclosures to make them friendly for people with mobility issues.

When you request a tub to shower conversion, our remodelers will remove wall sections and tiles around your bathtub, so we can wedge it free. Next, we’ll separate the tub from bathroom surfaces by removing wall studs and cutting away caulk that glues it to the floor. We will then install the shower of your choice with a custom stall kit.


Can You Perform a Tub to Shower Conversion Without Professional Help?

Tub to shower conversions requires a sizable investment in professional equipment. It’s not a job for the first-time builder, and DIYers with years of experience still struggle with the shower installation process. If you need to remove a walk-in tub with hydro-massagers and other complex features, you’re in danger of reducing its resale value by damaging one of its components.

Most people without professional experience can’t do a proper conversion without:

  • Damaging bathroom tilework
  • Bending wall stubs that might be decades old
  • Messing up plumbing connections to a home furnace       
  • Needing new drywall for their bathtub area
  • Chipping glass shower doors during installation


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Our project planners and team members will allow you to live your daily life without intrusion from your construction project, no matter how large or complex. A tub to shower conversion is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Get experienced contractors on your side by calling Nielsen’s Remodeling at (214) 400-458 and get a consultation today. We’d be more than happy to help with any questions you might have about our services for kitchen remodeling in Plano.

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