Parker, Texas, is a Family-Oriented Neighborhood

Parker is located in Collin County and boasts a population of 5800. Parker is one of the best places to live for Texas residents. Parker enjoys a rural feel, and most of them own houses. In addition, families have all the amenities they require when staying in Parker.  Learn more here.

Therefore, Parker could be a perfect choice if you are looking for an excellent place to live. 

Good Schools

Parker has multiple A-rated public elementary and quality public middle schools. In addition, there are multiple public high schools in the district, such as the Wylie High school, among others, that provide quality education to students. This is fantastic if you have kids because you will not run out of options for quality education. Learn more about Lucas, Texas, is a Winery Hub.

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Parker, Texas, is a Family-Oriented Neighborhood 1

Safe Neighborhoods

Parker neighborhoods are extremely safe due to the small population. Safe neighborhoods make it possible for families to grow. Children can walk to school, and you don’t have to worry about your belongings while away. A safe neighborhood is essential when raising a family.