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When to Replace Kitchen Cabinets

If you replace your kitchen cabinets, they can dramatically transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

But when is the right time to replace your kitchen cabinets? Look for these signs that it may be time. Then contact Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company to get an estimate for kitchen remodeling services in Plano, Texas.

Signs Your Cabinets Need Replacement

Old Age

Like other elements of your kitchen, the cabinets are subject to wear and tear after several years of use. It is best to replace your kitchen cabinets every 10 to 15 years, depending on the material.

Water Damage

Do your cabinets look swollen or exhibit dark color spots, especially around your kitchen sink base? Maybe the cabinet doors are not closing properly? These problems usually result from water damage.

No cabinets are more exposed to water, moisture, and other destructive elements than kitchen cabinets. That means you will need to replace your kitchen cabinets more frequently than other cabinets in your home.

Water-damaged cabinets usually have the following characteristics:

  • Wood starts warping
  • Bubbling on the cabinet’s interior and exterior
  • Wood discoloration
  • Cabinet doors are hard to open or close
  • External laminate starts peeling
  • Mold growth
Poor Functionality

If your cabinets don’t function as expected, it could be time to replace them. Common signs that your kitchen cabinetry needs improvement include:

  • Difficulty accessing items stored in the back of the cabinet
  • Cabinet doors slamming into each other when opened
  • Drawers are hard to open

Cabinet repair doesn’t usually fix these problems effectively. It is best to replace the entire cabinetry for the best results.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

If the materials of your cabinets are flimsy, such as MDF, they will not last long. Some homeowners add new doors or drawer fronts to improve the quality of the cabinets. However, the doors usually end up falling off the cabinets.

If you have poor-quality cabinets made from cheap materials, it is best to replace them rather than reface them. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money on repairs over time.

Changing the Kitchen Layout

A kitchen layout plays an integral role in your kitchen’s efficiency. If you want to change your kitchen’s overall layout or move the kitchen to a new area in the house, you will also need to invest in new custom cabinets to fit the new space.

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