A kitchen remodel is exciting for your household, but it comes with many questions. While determining what best suits your new space, you must figure out what should go in first. Installing floors first can save some hassle, while installing cabinets first will limit what you can do in the long term.

Why You Should Install Flooring First During A Kitchen Renovation

If you install the cabinets first, you cannot change the kitchen layout easily. That is because the flooring will outline the new cabinets, and there will be nothing underneath. So, you’ll only be able to choose cabinets that fit the shapes of the ones you already have.

When installing floors first, you pay for the flooring under the cabinets. Although it may seem useless to pay for unused flooring upfront, it offers the opportunity to swap out cabinets as desired.

Although replacing the entire floor may seem like a nuisance, it is a worthy investment. The extra flooring will pay off years down the road if you want to rearrange the kitchen layout. 

Cost Of Flooring

The cost of flooring is a crucial factor. Your square footage will increase should you decide to install the flooring first. The more square footage you incur, the more expensive the installation process.

However, depending on the type of floor, it may not be too much of a difference. Options like plank flooring are more cost-effective than hardwood or tile floors. Generally speaking, if the flooring is affordable, the installation will be as well. 

So, while installing floors first means a slightly higher upfront cost, the versatility it affords the kitchen is hard to overlook. You won’t end up stuck with a style of cabinets that you grow to dislike, as you’ll easily be able to swap to a different style.


New Kitchen Floors

Once you have your new kitchen floors, you’ll want to do a few things to ensure their longevity. Wood and vinyl plank floors are sensitive to temperature changes. To keep the floors from expanding or contracting, always keep the room no lower than sixty degrees and no higher than eighty degrees

You’ll also want to ensure your cabinets can sit atop your new floors without damaging the floor. Your kitchen remodeler and professional installers will help you assess the right floor for the weight of your cabinets. 

Nielsen’s Remodeling

Ultimately, any flooring project is worthwhile for a kitchen remodel. A kitchen renovation is so much more than adding new cabinets or countertops. Replacing the floor supplies your new kitchen with a strong foundation.

If installing floors in Plano, TX, contact Nielsen’s Remodeling for exceptional results. They offer complete room changes to make the kitchen remodeling process straightforward. Their workers tend to every detail while creating the interior of your dreams.

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