Home remodeling trends continue to evolve as custom cabinetry and dedicated appliances like wine chillers, pot fillers, and induction stoves become increasingly popular. A complete kitchen remodel can transform any home, increase functionality and increase comfort in the most important rooms of the house.

Top Texas Home Remodeling Trends

Design trends are constantly shifting and changing, but the most important choice is choosing which trends suit your home and taste. Keep reading to explore several of this year’s popular kitchen styles.

A Seamless Aesthetic

It’s essential to create an atmosphere in your kitchen that blends with the rest of your home. By creating a sense of flow from room to room, you can ensure that dedicated spaces have their own unique environment without clashing with other rooms.

One of the most popular home remodeling trends recently is complex outdoor kitchens that allow homeowners to enjoy all of the amenities of a kitchen in the comfort of their backyard. Custom cabinet styles can match the interior kitchen to create a thoughtful addition.

Another popular trend is blending indoor and outdoor spaces as kitchens serve multiple functions for busy families. Bold colors and natural light have also become popular in a Texas-style kitchen.

Luxury Backsplash

Choosing a tile for your backsplash that gives it a splash of color or enhances bold paint colors is increasingly common in luxury kitchens throughout the Dallas metroplex.

Add in a dedicated faucet to fill pots with water directly on the stove to make your kitchen more functional while enhancing its design and atmosphere. You can choose backsplashes from easily cleaned materials like tile or glass.

Functional Appliances that Blend In

Many luxury kitchens feature high-end commercial-grade appliances from trusted brands like Thermador, Viking, Wolf, Fisher & Paykel, Sub-Zero, and more.

Explore your options during the design phase, and you can design custom cabinetry that will frame these seamlessly. Also, the increase of WiFi-enabled smart technology has been introduced in appliances and is becoming one of the most popular home remodeling trends.

Cabinet Styles: Custom versus PreFab

If you’re performing a less invasive kitchen remodel that won’t change the layout or move appliances, you may be able to save some money by purchasing prefabricated cabinets. Most high-end kitchens require custom cabinetry to accommodate larger appliances and architectural designs.

Discuss your option with your contractor to find a solution that will fit your budget and timeline. Building and installing custom cabinets introduces another variable that will need to be coordinated and accounted for during the design and planning phase of your kitchen remodel.

Durable Countertop and Flooring Materials

Choosing aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring and countertops allows homeowners to elevate their kitchen without sacrificing comfort or function. Marble countertops that extend to a waterfall effect can create a dramatic element that enhances any luxury kitchen.

Sealed concrete flooring and hardwood floors throughout the home are some of the most attractive home remodeling trends.

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