At Nielsen’s Remodeling TX, we pride ourselves on meticulously crafting and transforming homes to enhance their functionality and aesthetics. Each project showcases the profound impact of intelligent design changes on a home’s usability and charm. In this post, we will explore some remarkable before and after home remodeling examples, focusing on how strategic layout modifications and custom lighting design can revitalize any space. Discover our timeline tips for remodels to see how proper planning contributes to the seamless execution of these transformations.

Transforming the Living Space

Transforming the Living Space
Inspiring Before and After Home Remodeling Projects 1

Opening Up the Floor Plan

One of the most impactful transformations in custom home design & remodeling is converting cramped, closed-off rooms into open, airy spaces. In one of our featured projects, we removed non-load-bearing walls between the kitchen, living room, and dining area, creating a seamless flow that enhanced social interaction and brought in much more natural light. This approach not only makes the space more inviting but also more functional.

Modernizing Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms see the most dramatic transformations in home remodeling. Upgrading to modern appliances, installing new countertops, and redesigning cabinets can completely change the look and feel of these essential spaces. Incorporating custom home lighting design with under-cabinet lights and elegant overhead fixtures can highlight these new features while adding a warm ambiance.

Integrating Indoor-Outdoor Living

Enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor living areas can significantly increase the living space and bring a new dimension to the home. By adding large sliding or folding doors that open to a redesigned patio or deck, we create an expansive entertaining area that blends the indoors with the outdoors—perfect for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet evening.

Enhancing Functionality with Smart Design

Functionality with Smart Design
Inspiring Before and After Home Remodeling Projects 2

Adding Home Offices and Multipurpose Rooms

The demand for home offices and multipurpose rooms has grown exponentially. In one transformative project, we converted an underused guest room into a fully functional home office with custom built-ins, efficient storage solutions, and a dedicated workspace. Custom home lighting design was key, with adjustable lighting systems that cater to both work and relaxation needs.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Part of our custom home design & remodeling includes updating old windows, insulation, and HVAC systems to improve energy efficiency. These changes not only contribute to a more comfortable and sustainable home but also offer long-term cost savings. Smart thermostats and energy-efficient custom home lighting design further enhance this efficiency.

Tailoring Spaces to Lifestyle Needs

Every family has unique needs, and remodeling offers the opportunity to tailor spaces accordingly. Whether it’s adding a mudroom with organizational systems for a busy family or creating a serene master suite with spa-like features for relaxation, custom home design & remodeling makes it possible to design your home around your life.

Showcasing Style Through Personalized Touches

Functionality with Smart Design
Inspiring Before and After Home Remodeling Projects 3

Redefining Aesthetics with Lighting and Décor

Lighting is a powerful tool in defining the aesthetics of a space. Strategic custom home lighting design can accentuate architectural features, improve functionality, and set the mood. From statement light fixtures to subtle recessed lighting, the right choices can transform a room.

Incorporating Art and Personal Items

A home should reflect the personalities of those who live in it. As part of our remodeling projects, we encourage homeowners to select art and personal items that speak to them, which we then incorporate into the design. This personalization makes each space feel truly bespoke and connected to the homeowner.

Selecting Finishes and Materials for Home Remodel

The selection of finishes and materials can dramatically alter the look and feel of a home. We guide our clients through choosing everything from paint colors and wallpaper to flooring and countertop materials that align with their desired aesthetic and lifestyle requirements.

Final Wording

The before and after of any home remodeling project with Nielsens Remodeling Tx showcases the profound impact that thoughtful design, particularly in custom home lighting design and overall functionality, can have on a space. These transformations not only cater to aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs but also enhance the day-to-day living experience, ensuring that every home we remodel is not just updated, but inspired. Let these examples ignite your imagination as you consider the endless possibilities for your own home remodeling journey.


What should I consider before starting a home remodeling project?

Before starting a remodeling project, consider your goals for the space, your budget, and the potential return on investment. Think about how the changes will affect the functionality and aesthetic of your home. It’s also crucial to choose the right contractor who understands your vision and has experience with similar projects.

How can I ensure my remodeling project stays on budget?

To keep your remodeling project on budget, start with a detailed plan that includes all expected costs. Choose materials and finishes early to prevent last-minute decisions that could be more expensive. Regular communication with your contractor is key to staying informed about any potential changes that might affect costs.

What are the most valuable remodeling projects to consider?

The most valuable remodeling projects typically include kitchen and bathroom renovations, which offer a high return on investment. Adding usable space, such as finishing a basement or adding a room, can also significantly increase a home’s value. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows and insulation can improve cost efficiency and appeal to eco-conscious buyers.

How long do typical home remodeling projects take to complete?

The duration of a home remodeling project depends on the scope and complexity of the work. Simple interior projects like repainting or installing new flooring can take a few days to a couple of weeks, while larger renovations like kitchen overhauls or room additions may take several months. Your contractor should provide a timeline with milestones before starting.

Can I live in my home during the remodeling?

Whether you can stay in your home during remodeling depends on the nature of the project. For extensive renovations, it might be necessary to move out temporarily due to safety concerns, dust, noise, and lack of essential services like plumbing or electricity. For smaller projects, it may be possible to stay, but you’ll need to adjust to some inconveniences.