A cabinet makeover is a great start when looking to update your kitchen design for your Texas home. However, embarking on a small home improvement project may leave you thinking about expanding your efforts to the rest of your kitchen. Here are some helpful tips to help figure out whether full-kitchen remodeling or giving your cabinets a makeover is the right option.

What Goes Into a Cabinet Makeover?

A cabinet makeover is a relatively simple home improvement task in which the homeowner can change the appearance of their cabinets without the need to remodel a kitchen. People typically opt for a cabinet makeover when they want to enhance the look of their kitchen without the cost of a kitchen remodel. Things that go into a cabinet makeover include:

  • Painting or staining cabinets a different color
  • Replacing hardware
  • Adding molding/framing
  • Incorporating lighting features

If you decide that it is time to replace and install new kitchen cabinets, it is worth considering a complete remodel. Wear and tear can sometimes render cabinets beyond the point of cosmetic upgrades. Full kitchen remodeling is most suitable when replacing cabinets, as the space allows for total reassessment of the area.

What Does Full-Kitchen Remodeling Include?

A full-kitchen remodel involves removing the old kitchen entirely and restoring its contents with new features. A kitchen renovation consists of replacing or adding the following items:

  • Cabinets – Replacing the cabinets allows you to reexamine your kitchen storage and create a more functional system with ample storage options.
  • Kitchen island – If you don’t already have a kitchen island, consider adding one during a kitchen remodel.
  • Sink base/faucet – New sinks and faucets are typically upgraded during a complete remodel, as the installation is most straightforward when exposing cabinets.
  • Flooring – Removing everything from the preexisting kitchen presents an excellent opportunity to replace the flooring.
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Because kitchen renovation can be taxing, some homeowners decide to make the most of their time and go for a luxury kitchen remodel. A luxury kitchen provides the ultimate cooking experience and may feature items such as:

  • Smart appliances – Unlike older models, newer appliances provide a custom experience with many features. Scheduled services, temperature control, and mobile alerts are just a few standard features of smart appliances.
  • Integrative lighting – Lighting fixtures under upper cabinets or recessed into the ceiling give a lux feel and usually come with dimming and color-changing features.
  • Custom countertops – Custom countertops are a hallmark of a luxurious kitchen.
  • A long floating shelf – A long floating shelf is a way to enlarge a small kitchen and add storage.

How To Choose Between a Cabinet Makeover and a Complete Remodel

If it’s time to give your cabinets an upgrade, it is more than likely worth considering a kitchen renovation. A complete remodel will provide that opportunity if you have a small kitchen and want to increase your space.

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