Contemporary design features clean lines, neutral colors, and bold textures. This blog offers an overview of contemporary design, describing how you can incorporate the aforementioned elements into your bathroom renovation project.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is representative of current and popular trends. Contemporary design focuses on functionality and style while shying away from the overuse of a particular design element.

Furnishings, decor, and fixtures within a contemporary bathroom may be kept to a minimum but will still offer the attributes necessary to make the space functional, comfortable, and visually appealing.

Contemporary design uses natural and synthetic materials. Stone, glass, plastics, composites, and recycled components are some materials that may be featured in a contemporary bathroom.

Sleek Lines

Sleek lines define space. They create a calm and uncluttered setting. The use of tiles, throw rugs, a frameless shower door, or wall niches will break up space.

Tiles can be used to outline shower stall walls or flooring. A block of tiles can serve as a backsplash or can be used to break up wall space.

Throw rugs can be used to separate areas within a bathroom. A rug can be used to represent areas for walking or can be used to accent a group of furnishings that are set up within the room.

A frameless shower door or elegant wall niches can beautify a bathroom, without cluttering the space.

Simplistic Layouts

Contemporary designs use simplistic layouts that won’t be overpowering to the eye. A design consultation will help a homeowner determine what stays and what goes within a bathroom that is being renovated.

Simplistic layouts should be well-balanced. A design contractor will conduct an inspection of a bathroom that is being remodeled. The contractor’s expertise will aid in deciding where various design elements will be used.

Cohesive Colors

Cohesive colors that will remain popular are typically used within contemporary spaces. Neutral tones, including beiges, greys, and whites can be used to freshen up walls and floors. Black is another color that is often used in contemporary spaces.

The color palette that is chosen can be used to accent greenery, lighting, and other design elements within a bathroom. 

Distinct Accents

Track lighting, chandeliers, faucets, and other accent materials can support a bathroom renovation. Contemporary design is typically simplistic but may incorporate one or more additions that will serve as focal points.

Distinct accents can be used to brighten up a room or to provide the illusion of an open and airy space. A design contractor will help a client choose accent materials that are suited for the size of their bathroom.

Custom Advice 

A design contractor will provide custom advice when a client seeks a bathroom renovation. A client’s vision will be considered during the preliminary planning process.

A design contractor will provide samples of contemporary layouts. These layouts may feature a range of materials and style elements that a customer would like to incorporate into their bathroom renovation.

If a customer has a budget that they want to stay on track with, the contractor will research materials and structural upgrades that will not exceed the proposed budget.

Before any plans are finalized, a customer will have a clear idea of what their proposed renovation project will cost. They will also be furnished with some preliminary drawings or pictures that will represent what their bathroom will look like once it has been renovated.

If this blog has inspired you to seek a renovation that uses a contemporary theme, contact a representative of Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction. Our associates are dedicated to improving interior and exterior living spaces. You will receive help with your bathroom renovation project every step of the way.