If your kitchen looks drab, is too cramped, or needs more equipment, you should consider complete kitchen remodeling. A kitchen makeover can change your kitchen’s entire layout, significantly improving your house’s comfort, appearance, and resale value. 

However, choosing to remodel your kitchen is expensive and takes weeks or even months to complete. Sometimes, simply renovating the cabinets gives you the look you want. There are several reasons to prefer one project over the other. 

What’s the difference between a full kitchen remodel and only updating your kitchen cabinets? Below, we’ll break down all the differences. We’ll help you decide whether you need a completely new kitchen design or to spruce up your home with custom cabinets. 

Pros of Updating to Custom Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets dictate much of your kitchen’s style. If you enjoy your kitchen’s layout and amenities, you may be better off installing custom cabinets to showcase a personal flair.

Some benefits of renovating only the cabinets include:

  • It is faster to buy cabinets than to remodel an entire kitchen.
  • Cabinet-making and installation take significantly less time. 
  • It refreshes your kitchen’s look. 
  • New cabinets will add to the kitchen’s size and offer more storage space. 

Carefully consider what you need from the renovation. Write down a list of the attributes you want to gain. For example, if you need more space and want to update your kitchen’s look, you only need to remodel part of the kitchen. 

Cons of Updating Only Your Cabinets

Complete kitchen remodeling allows you to customize your kitchen to your needs. You can choose what you want where you want it. 

Some drawbacks of exclusively installing cabinets include:

  • You have less opportunity to create your dream kitchen. 
  • The overall kitchen design cannot change, leaving you with the style and shape of the original layout. 
  • No one looks at your plumbing and fixes or replaces any old piping. 
  • You cannot install new equipment or amenities. 

Depending on your needs, you may choose to remodel your kitchen entirely. If your goals include adding an ice maker, changing the countertops, and buying a larger refrigerator, you must consider the full remodel. 

Pros of Undertaking a New Kitchen Design

Complete kitchen remodeling gives you access to an entirely new style and shape. Kitchens typically come in five types:

  • Straight line
  • U-shape
  • L-shape
  • Double L-shape
  • Corridor style

Look at your current kitchen and see what shape it is. Depending on your house’s layout, you can change the shape of your kitchen to give you more room. 

While an entire remodel is more expensive than replacing certain parts, the complete demolition required opens your home to the experts’ eyes. They can then do the following:

  • Look over your electricity. If the house is older, you likely have older wiring as well. Replacing old or damaged wiring brings your home up to code and makes it safer to live in. 
  • Renovate the plumbing to add new amenities and stop leaks before they happen. 
  • Search for any signs of pests or decay within your walls. 

Allowing a professional to completely demolish the older kitchen and look at your home’s basic structure gives them ready access to any existing problems. The repair work they proceed to do elevates your home’s value and gives you peace of mind. 

Cons of a Full Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling jobs require ample time and financial means. When a remodel is unnecessary, you are opening up your home to strangers for no reason, disrupting your routine. While a remodel can be beneficial, it is crucial to prepare yourself for what this process entails. 

The main cons of remodeling are the price tag and the time it takes. You can take some steps to mitigate these issues.

If you decide you need a complete kitchen remodel, consider the following:

  • Cut costs by searching for cheaper options. Consider recycling used materials or buying more affordable versions of what you want. 
  • Prepare yourself and everyone who lives in the house for the project. Consider what you’ll do without a kitchen for weeks or even months. You may need to relocate to a family member’s home, for example.
  • Speak with the contractor about any concerns. 

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