Remodeling a Living Room That Charms Every Guest

Remodeling a Living Room That Charms Every Guest

Step into a space where comfort meets contemporary, where your living room becomes the hub of laughter, light, and lingering conversations. Crafting a living room that is both a reflection of modern, chic design and a welcoming haven for guests requires a thoughtful approach. Explore how you can transform your living space into the ultimate entertaining area that whispers modern elegance yet shouts heartfelt welcome.

Melding Comfort With Contemporary Style

The perfect living room offers guests a taste of your modern aesthetic while wrapping them in a blanket of comfort. Delicate, minimalist furniture that prioritizes comfort, accompanied by soft, warm lighting, strikes a balance between a modern and cozy atmosphere.

Choose sofas and chairs that invite relaxation, and pair them with sleek, low-profile tables and shelves, ensuring your spaces offer both form and function. Soft textures, such as throw pillows and lush rugs, seamlessly merge coziness with a crisp, clean look.

It’s imperative that your style selections serve dual purposes—embodying both the modern aesthetic and a friendly vibe. Consider furniture with clean lines and neutral colors that can be warmed up with the addition of textured cushions and throws. The strategic positioning of such elements, perhaps in a conversational circle or an open U-shape, fosters an environment that naturally encourages dialogue and connection amongst your guests.

Incorporating Engaging Elements

To guarantee that your living room is the pinnacle of entertainment and social interaction, infusing engaging elements is key. This could involve incorporating a stylish yet discreetly housed entertainment system, a cozy fireplace, or perhaps an elegant coffee table that becomes a conversation starter. Focus on items that not only serve a functional purpose but also act as aesthetic markers, reinforcing the modern, chic theme of your space:

  • Smart Tech: Cleverly integrate smart home technology that enhances the entertainment experience while maintaining the sleek look of the space.
  • Art Pieces: Select pieces that both complement the modern aesthetic and act as icebreakers for conversation.
  • Plant Life: Integrate indoor plants that not only uplift the space but also add a dash of lively, natural color, softening the contemporary edge.
  • Flexible Seating: Implement versatile seating options like ottomans or movable benches, which can be easily rearranged to accommodate various social settings while maintaining a streamlined, modern look. 

In each element you integrate, ensure that the aesthetic remains uninterrupted, using clever storage solutions or dual-purpose furniture to keep the space uncluttered and unified.

Using Personal Touches That Speak Volumes

While navigating through the currents of contemporary design, infusing your living space with personal touches ensures that the room remains relatable and warm. Personalized elements, such as family photos in sleek frames, mementos from travels, or books that have a special place in your heart, ensure the room is not just a showcase of modern design, but a reflection of the people who live there.

Moreover, paying attention to the small details, like the fragrance of the room, the throw on the back of a chair, or the flowers on a side table, create a tangible and immersive experience. These personal elements should subtly whisper their presence, ensuring they don’t shout over the modern aesthetic but rather complement it, offering guests a glimpse into your world within a stylish setting.

At Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction, we specialize in helping you strike that perfect balance, ensuring every design decision, from the sleek sofa to the cozy throws, is a step towards creating your ultimate entertaining space. Let’s weave your story into a design that speaks volumes in style and comfort, crafting a living space that will linger in the memories of your guests long after they’ve said their goodbyes.

Revamp Your Kitchen With Unique Cabinet Designs

Revamp Your Kitchen With Unique Cabinet Designs

The heart of your home, the kitchen, isn’t just a place for culinary endeavors—it’s also an area to showcase style, efficiency, and innovation. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate unique and functional cabinet designs. Discover more with this curated list of some distinct cabinet types that can elevate the look and utility of your space.

Spin With the Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Gone are the days when corner spaces in kitchens were wasted or became the dreaded zones where items would get lost forever. The Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet is an ingenious solution to maximize corner storage. Its rotating shelves provide easy access to all stored items, ensuring that every inch of space is efficiently used.

Slide Out With Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers

Forget bending and squinting to find that particular pot or pan. Pull-out cabinet drawers, or roll-out shelves, make it a breeze to access your kitchen items. They slide out smoothly, allowing a clear view and easy reach to all the contents. They’re perfect for pots, pans, and even small appliances.

Spice It Up With Built-In Spice Rack Drawers

A chef’s kitchen is incomplete without a range of spices. But, how do you store them? Forget the jumbled mess and adopt built-in spice rack drawers. They’re typically narrow pull-out cabinets near the cooking area, offering a neatly organized space for all your spices, ensuring they’re always at your fingertips.

Hide the Trash With Pull-Out Trash Bin Cabinets

Many people like seeing a trash can out in the open. With a pull-out trash bin cabinet, you can ensure that your garbage bin stays out of sight but remains easily accessible. Some designs even come with dual bins—one for trash and another for recyclables.

Access the Unreachable With Vertical Storage Dividers

For items like baking sheets, cutting boards, or oversized platters, vertical storage dividers are a lifesaver. Instead of stacking them, which can be cumbersome and messy, these dividers allow you to store them upright, making them easier to access and organize.

Serve Smartly With Appliance Garages

Kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and blenders are essential but can clutter your countertop. Appliance garages are small cabinets on your countertop with a roll-up door, just like a garage. When you need your appliance, simply roll up the door, and once done, tuck it away, leaving your counters clutter-free.

Optimize With Toe Kick Drawers

The toe kick—that small space between your cabinet’s base and the floor—is no longer just for hiding under the cabinet lighting. Now, with toe kick drawers, it’s functional storage space. It’s the perfect spot for storing flat items like baking trays or even serving platters.

Go Vertical With Tall Pantry Cabinets

When floor space is limited but you have height to spare, tall pantry cabinets come to the rescue. These units stretch from floor to ceiling and are perfect for storing dry goods, canned items, and even brooms or mops. With pull-out shelves or swing-out doors, everything remains easily accessible yet neatly tucked away.

Discover Magic With Magic Corner Cabinets

Magic corner cabinets are another great solution for tricky corner spaces. When you open the cabinet door, the shelves pull outwards, and another set of shelves slides from the back corner to the front. This unique mechanism ensures that every bit of corner space is utilized efficiently.

Stay Organized With Deep Drawer Dividers

Deep drawers can quickly become cluttered without proper organization. Incorporate adjustable deep drawer dividers to keep items like pots, pans, lids, or even dishes in their dedicated spaces. By segregating the space, you can ensure that everything has its place, making it easier to locate and access items when you need them.

A remodeled kitchen with these unique cabinets doesn’t just enhance its aesthetic appeal—it significantly boosts functionality. So, when planning your kitchen redo, consider incorporating these innovative storage solutions. Interested in getting these unique cabinet types for your kitchen? Reach out to Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction for a consultation and watch your dream kitchen come to life.

Tired of Your Dark Kitchen? 6 Ways to Brighten It Up

Tired of Your Dark Kitchen? 6 Ways to Brighten It Up

If your kitchen seems dark and drab, the simple act of brightening it up can do a lot. But how can you lighten up your kitchen? Try a few of these methods.

1. Add or Enlarge Windows

Natural lighting is one of the best ways to physically brighten up any room. It may not be easy to add more sunlight to some kitchens, but it’s worth the effort. You may be able to enlarge an existing window or two, or you might want to find a spot for a new one. If none of these options are possible, a skylight or sky tube overhead might even provide more consistent lighting for work.

Another way to open up windows is to use the nearest doors. Many kitchens have a rear door or sliding glass doors that open onto the backyard. By opting for larger glass and less opaque curtains, you can let a lot of side lighting in.

2. Increase Lighting Options

In addition to natural sunlight, add artificial lighting options to make the most of your workspace. Recessed lighting creates a nice, even light throughout the room. But don’t forget to use task lighting for specific areas. Work zones like the sink, prep areas, and the stove often benefit from overhanging, bright task lights. 

Other lighting options that can help include hanging pendant lamps and installing LED lights underneath upper cabinets or in the bar area. 

3. Lighten Up the Paint Scheme

What colors you choose can have a big impact on the way the kitchen looks and feels. Simple color palettes with few changes allow the eye to flow better. And the lighter those color schemes are, the more light will reflect off them to lighten the room.

Bright white is a popular choice for opening up a kitchen and reducing visual clutter, but you aren’t necessarily stuck with a white kitchen as your only option. Sunny colors like pastels, soft neutrals, and muted creams can provide the same lightening if used consistently. 

4. Change Cabinetry

One of the most likely parts of the kitchen to have a dark and non-reflective color are the cabinets. Whether it’s wood or a dark paint, a simple lighter stain or paint job will do wonders.

Some homeowners have gone as far as switching to open shelving and skipped the doors entirely. If you paint the inside of the cabinet the same light shade as the surrounding walls, the visual effect of removing doors is doubled. 

5. Get Reflective

Reflective surfaces shine the light back into the room without being a source of it themselves. How can you add reflective surfaces to the kitchen? There are several creative ways. Some backsplashes that are highly glossy can act as a kind of mirror. High gloss is especially useful if you have under-cabinet lighting and light-colored counters. Glass cabinet doors are another semi-reflective pane. 

6. Remove a Wall

If the kitchen is closed off from adjacent rooms, you can severely hamper the light from getting inside. Removing a wall could be the best way to lighten and brighten both the kitchen and surrounding areas. This is especially true if the wall blocks light from a sliding glass door or large living room windows.

If you’re not sure about losing the workspace or storage, consider replacing the wall with an island or peninsula so that sunlight still enters over the countertops.

Although it may take some planning, brightening up your kitchen will turn it into a more useful and comfortable space. For more help identifying ways to do so in your own home, contact us at Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction today.

Can You Knock Down That Kitchen Wall? Should You?

Can You Knock Down That Kitchen Wall? Should You?

Open floor plans in the main shared part of the home are more popular than ever. Removing walls opens up the whole area, makes it lighter and airy, and allows more movement and flexibility. However, changing a closed floor plan to a more open one can be complicated.

This is especially so for one of the most popular areas to remove walls: the kitchen. Would you like to remove one or more walls in your kitchen? Learn what you need to know to make the best decision for your house. 

1. You Can Remove That Wall

Nearly any wall inside your home can be removed. Consider how much will be involved in removing a given wall and whether or not it is worth the cost to you.

2. Load-Bearing Walls Must Be Replaced

The first—and most important—determination with wall removal is if that wall is a load-bearing wall. These walls provide structural support for the house. Non-load-bearing walls are partition walls, and they are just there to divide rooms.

If the wall is load-bearing, it will cost more and take longer to remove. You must replace that support, generally with a new support beam overhead and possibly pillar(s) if that needs additional support.

3. You Will Need to Move What Is Inside

Take a look at what is inside the wall. Are there electrical outlets, water connections, or HVAC vents? If so, these elements will need to be removed or rerouted. This adds cost, effort, and time to your project.

Removing electrical connections is the easiest task, but rerouting plumbing lines may not add too much extra cost and effort depending on where they are going. Ductwork changes should be carefully managed by a professional since these (and the wall removal) change airflow and the function of the whole-house system.

4. You Must Erase Its Existence

Once the wall is removed, you will need to fix the flooring underneath and around where it once was, clean up and replace drywall at connection points, repair ceilings, and implement a new paint job.

The best way to approach this is to take down the wall as part of a larger remodeling project when some or all of these other elements are being updated anyway. Time the extra effort to your advantage.

5. You May Have Alternatives

If the cost or extra work of removing the wall is daunting, be open to other options. Are you trying to fix a layout issue in your kitchen? Rethinking the layout with more creativity may solve the problem without such a drastic move. Want to open up the space to adjoining rooms? Perhaps you can accomplish the same thing by expanding the entranceway or turning the wall into a peninsula. Brainstorm with professionals.

Clearly, knocking down that kitchen wall is an option, but is it the best option for you? Find out by meeting with Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction. We will put our decades of home renovation experience to work for you. From assessing your options and designing the right changes to executing your vision, we will handle all the hard work for you so you can sit back and enjoy your new, transformed kitchen. Call today.

You will only receive the best of service when you rely on our services. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your specific home layout and ensure you have the peace of mind you deserve so you can have the best experience possible. Home improvement projects do not need to have a huge hassle. And with Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction by your side, they aren’t.

Why Choose a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Why Choose a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Not all houses have the space to provide an en suite bathroom for every bedroom. However, a simple compromise can bring the benefits of an en suite into your home, even when you share a bathroom. This is called a Jack and Jill bathroom.

What Is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Jack and Jill bathrooms refer to bathrooms that are shared by two adjoining rooms and have an individual entrance from each bedroom. These are commonly used in family bedrooms, but they can be useful as a shared bathroom between a bedroom and a guest room. Some Jack and Jill bathrooms have duplicate fixtures while others have one or more additional entrances.

What Are the Downsides of a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

There are a few household challenges with Jack and Jill bathroom layouts. Because these bathrooms are often shared among kids or teens, it is easy for people to get in one another’s way. The additional door may even make this problem worse as people freely come and go.

The second door also creates unique challenges. In general, a bathroom user locks one door for privacy when they are inside. However, they may forget to unlock it, creating a problem for the other individual who shares the bathroom. Yet without locks, users may accidentally — or intentionally, in the case of kids — interrupt each other.

You should also consider how much space you have to work with. Many Jack and Jill bathrooms have multiple fixtures, including sinks, showers, or toilets. This is great for convenience, but requires more space. Even without duplicates, any shared bathroom needs more space to allow multiple users at the same time.

How Can You Reduce Conflict With This Layout?

How can you overcome these negative aspects? One effective way is to create zones within the bathroom and add interior doors to separate certain functions. For instance, include a toilet room or a shower room. This way, one person can use the sink or grooming station while another uses the facilities or shower.

If you have the space, consider creating two smaller half-baths with a shared middle zone. In this layout, each door enters into a room dedicated for one party’s use. A second door leads to a shared toilet, shower, or bath area. Both users can personalize their side as they wish, with only one small area shared. This layout works great for couples who want to turn a master bathroom into a Jack and Jill style.

You can also add more fixtures to make the space functional, such as a double or single vanity and an additional grooming area. You can add dedicated storage for each party, or you can include a separate grooming station to allow people to have their own work zones while sharing the space.

Ready to Learn More?

Could a Jack and Jill bathroom solve your shared bathroom problems? Would it make your home more attractive to buyers and more enjoyable for your family? Learn about layout and styling options by meeting with Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction. We put our training and experience to work for you, helping you find the right solutions for all your home challenges. Call our team today to make an appointment.