Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company is a top-rated, locally-owned contractor providing top-notch remodeling and painting services for over a decade. With a team of innovative and talented kitchen designers and installers, they deliver quality work in each kitchen remodeling project. In an update, the company highlighted the qualities that make them the go-to kitchen designers in Allen

(Allen TX July 2022) In the latest website post, Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company shared details of what makes them the most prioritized kitchen designers in Allen, Texas. The certified and licensed team also affirmed their dedication and commitment to delivering top-notch results that match the client’s personality and lifestyle. 

With over 20 years of being in the remodeling industry, Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company experts have gained expertise in the dos and don’ts in kitchen remodeling. Also, they know the latest trends in kitchen design. The team also holds frequent training sessions for all employees to keep up with the changes in kitchen design trends in the market. They aim to ensure their clients get the best and unique kitchen designs that enhance the functionality and appearance of their kitchens and homes. 

The team pinpointed they have innovative kitchen designers with a good eye for details and color schemes. The talented kitchen designers know how to play with different color schemes and the ones that complement each other to determine the best that matches the clients’ tastes and preferences. They carefully listen to what the client needs to deliver results to their satisfaction and create a unique but stylish design tailored to the client’s needs. 

Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company noted that as a top-rated remodeling and construction company, they have built a network of skilled professionals with the clients’ best interests. In addition, the team shared they respect homeowners’ properties and don’t compromise quality. So they don’t cut corners during the kitchen remodeling and construction process but follow the required protocols and building codes for effective results. 

Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company maintains good relationships with its clients as a reputable remodeling and construction company. They also have an impressive success record of kitchen remodeling projects they have worked on for years and don’t shy from showing their clients some of their stylish kitchen designs. So no matter how new the client may be in the remodeling and construction world, the skilled kitchen designers will guide them through. 


The kitchen designers of Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company showed interest in working with clients to cater to their needs and desires. The highly reputable kitchen designers know how to balance sustainability and accessibility while working within the client’s budget. They also know the limitations needed when designing kitchen spaces. Their commitment has made them the most prioritized kitchen remodeling and construction company in Allen, Texas. 

About Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company

Nielsen’s Remodeling & Construction Company is a reputable remodeling and construction company in Allen, Texas, providing top-notch kitchen remodeling solutions to Allen residents. The company has quality craft, competitive prices and excellent customer services, making it the go-to company for all kitchen remodeling and construction designs.